The art of saying goodbye

Saying goodbye is a part of life. The unique Riposa urns can help you to process the loss of your beloved ones. The urns, mini urns and cuddle stones of Riposa give the deceased a nice place in your home, that way they are always close by.


Riposa means 'rest in peace' in Italian. That is exactly what our urns and memorial artworks are meant to represent : a final, comfortable resting place for your family and loved ones.


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Urns, mini urns and cuddly stones for indoors


The ceramic urns of Riposa are the result of a nice collaboration with local artists. We try to make designs that fit every interior and personal taste. Ceramic urns are natural, durable and maintenance free.


In ceramics, nature becomes really tangible. Moreover, a design in ceramics allows the artist to use his or her full imagination, which you can notice by the unique designs of Riposa.


Riposa urns are in a price range accessible to all.